I am new to ICU and I am now looking forward to utilizing everything I learned.  I am very encouraged.  Irma is very knowledgeable and makes difficult concepts understandable.  R. Villasenor

Excellent instructor, clear, concise...Draws and shares from personal knowledge and her vast experience. B. Santos

You are doing such a great job!  It is hard to spoon-feed such a difficult class but you are doing it well. I would just like to have some time with you in the clinical setting...R. Carter

Excellent instruction!  Irma had great concern for every individual re:  Their understanding of each topic. I would highly recommend this class! F. Vale

Very good knowledge of the material.  Makes the subjects "make sense"and ties a lot of difficult information together.  I had a lot of this information before, but it was presented in a better way this time!...  C. Woodward

The class kept moving and concepts were explained in an easy to understand manner. I LOVE your emergency drug calculation "Keys" and you sharing your vast nursing experience with us...I will continue to take my future CE classes with you. G. Ruiz 

"I finally understand Hemodynamic Monitoring.  I can't wait to use it on my patients!"  -Linda M.

Irma has a very good concept of all topics presented and is very patient in continuing until topic is understood by all.  I found her "Keys" and formulas most valuable...R. Platin

The whole program was most valuable but specially the drug calculations.  Thank you! G. Kim

Very difficult subject.  Irma was great specially with helpful hints She never looses patience with confused students...  Most valuable:  Key configurations for hemiblocks! F. Ferrer

Great class!  I hope I will now be able to intervene and keep my patients from deteriorating...K. Vidal