Test Your Knowledge


When caring for the sick I am certain that
you agree that it is most important
to understand the effect
of the drugs that we administer. 
How comfortable are you when
you administer Cardiovascular Drugs?

Maybe YOU KNOW cardiovascular drugs well,  but How well?
For you to find out I am providing you here with an
opportunity to evaluate your knowledge and see how much you remember. 
Read each question carefully, take a few
minutes to answer it, and above all,
have FUN!

1.  What are Alpha and Beta receptor sites? 
Where are they located?

2.  What response do each elicit when stimulated?

3.  Describe the cardiovascular response of the
Sympathetic Nervous system
to stress or fear.

4.  What are "sympathomimetic" drugs?

5.  What about the Parasympathetic Nervous system?

6.  What does Calcium has to do with all of this?

7.  Describe the effect of Calcium Channel blockers 
and Beta blockers

8.  Describe the terms:  Inotropic, Chronotropic,
Adrenergic, and Cholinergic.

How did you do? 
Are you happy with your knowlege?
Are you able to APPLY it confidently
in the clinical setting?