Critical Care Training

The modules are:
1:  Coronary Critical Care                                        
2:  Hemodynamic Monitoring                                    
3:  12-Lead Int./Advanced EKG                                 
4:  Respiratory Critical Care                                   
5:  Neuro/Endocrine Critical Care                          
6:  Selected Critical Care Topics:                           
       Renal, G. I., Hematological and  Psycho-Social 
Specific Dates are listed on the calendar under:
A strong focus on the role of the Nurse during clinical emergencies will prepare the participant to deliver efficient and safe care to patients with diseases/syndromes of all body systems, through assessment for subtle and early signs of complications.  Once the complications occur the participant will be especially prepared to respond  per Unit’s protocol and independent from a physician, when the patient’s life and function depend on a timely response

Proof of Basic EKG knowledge is required

Textbook is Required - $81.95 (Inc. shipping & handling)

This  Critical Care course is based on, and utilizes  as textbook  the AACN's  “Core Curriculum for Critical Care Nursing” (JoAnn Grif Alspach) 6th Ed.  (W. B. Saunders)

Concepts presented are also applicable to acute Med-Surg. or other General Nursing practice.