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 Basic EKG Interpretation Via Vector Analysis

CE CREDIT:         24 Hrs.            FEE:  $295.00  - * $275.00                                                                                                                  

This program will present a method utilizing vector analysis for rapid and accurate recognition of warning and fatal dysrhythmias.  The clinical significance of these dysrhythmias will be discussed, as well as the role of the monitoring and nursing professional in implementing the necessary emergency  response.  
For more information and EKG supplies, visit our Basic EKG page here.

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Critical Care Course with current AACN NTI Updates

CE CREDIT: 96 Hrs. FEE: $790.00 - *$725.00

Course consisting of six 2 day modules, designed to prepare the Health Care Giver to care for the critically ill adult, by taking the entire course or separate modules according to the professional needs of the individual.

1. Coronary Critical Care
2. Hemodynamic Monitoring
3. 12-Lead Int./Advanced EKG
4. Respiratory Critical Care
5. Neuro/Endocrine Critical Care
6. Selected Critical Care Topics i.e. Hematological, Psycosocial, Renal & G.I.

For more information, course requirements and required course textbook, visit our Critical Care training page here.

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Intermediate/Advanced (12 LEAD) EKG Interpretation with Management of Specific AMI Complications

CE Credit: 16 Hrs. FEE: $250.00 - * $225.00

This program will present advanced electrocardiographic concepts, simplified for use at the bedside. With these concepts, the student will learn to recognize subtle EKG changes that precede life threatening events and initiate timely and efficient life-saving intervention.

Visit our Intermediate/Advanced EKG page here.

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Hemodynamic Monitoring with Cardiac/Vasoactive Drug Management

CE Credit:     16 Hrs.            FEE:  $250.00  - * $225.00   
This course will prepare the nurse to care for the compromised, adult patient requiring the use of invasive monitoring catheters or lines.

For more information, visit our Hemodynamic Monitoring page here

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Individual Critical Care Modules
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