Intermediate/Advanced (12 Lead) EKG Interpretation

The participant will be able to:

-State the significance of a sudden  change in QRS
configuration when seen on the specific Leads
discussed in class.
-Name the specific hemiblock reflected on a Right or
Left Axis Deviation.
-Determine instant axis deviation and it's significance
during bedside monitoring utilizing specific single leads, or
within 20 seconds on a 12 Lead EKG.
-Once a hemiblock develops, name the specific and most
appropriate Lead on which a patient must be monitored for
the development of additional intra-ventricular blocks leading
to a "sudden" Cardiac arrest (Complete Trifascicular block.)
-List the immediate steps to follow  when a patient with an
Anteroseptal Infarction and a Bifascicular block
develops a "simple" 1rst. Degree AV block.
-Identify Acute Myocardial Infarctions, their specific
EKG complications such as Mobitz I, II, BBB, and
Trifascicular Blocks, and State the nursing interventions
role in their management throughout their progression.
Evaluate EKG strips of Artificial Pacemakers.
Differentiate Ventricular Ectopy vs. Aberrancy.